About Us

Little Mutts Rescue Society is a registered charity with Federal Canada.  We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and have rescued and adopted out over 1000 dogs!  The rescue was started in May 2009, and is aimed at saving small breed dogs specifically under 30 lbs.  Even though we would love to save dogs of all sizes, our rescue was formally started to meet the adoption demand in Calgary and area of smaller breed dogs, so as to provide dog adopters an alternative from having to go to a pet store, backyard breeder or puppy mill. We mainly deal with over-populated and high-kill shelters in the USA and Mexico as there are so many small breed dogs in these shelters that have to be put to sleep everyday. We don't feel that a dogs' location should discriminate whether it should be saved, when there are so many loving homes available here to take them in.  Although we can't save them all, we know we can make a difference for the few that we are able to save.

Little Mutts Rescue Society is 100% volunteer based and non-profit. All funds go toward saving more dogs in need. We are non-shelter based and are a no-kill organization - all our dogs are kept in private foster homes where they can be rehabilitated and loved until the right home comes along.   The majority of our dogs were next in line to be euthanized due to over-crowded shelters and were brought here to Calgary to give them a second chance.

Little Mutts Rescue Society thanks you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you!!

How Do I Know if the Rescue I Am Dealing With is a Genuine Rescue Organization?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “rescues” out there that are not genuine rescues and are claiming that their dogs are rescue dogs when they are not, or are taking only highly adoptable rescue dogs from the USA or Canada to turn a profit for themselves.  Any organization that puts profit ahead of the welfare of their animals is cause for concern and can have the same issues as pet stores, puppy mills or backyard breeders.  There is an easy way to find out if the rescue you are dealing with is genuine by confirming that the rescue is a registered charity or a registered non-profit society.  The organization should be able to provide a charity or society papers to show its non-profit status.  If an organization is registered as a “Ltd.”, “Limited”, “Inc.”, “Incorporated”, “Corporation”, “Corp.”, or something similar, it is a corporation that is legally able to make a profit.  If the organization is registered as a “Society” or "Charity", then the organization is a registered non-profit society with the government.  Although charity status can be difficult for a small rescue to attain and maintain, society status is quite easy to register and is subject to yearly audits by the province to ensure that the organization is maintaining a non-profit mandate.  If the rescue has been around for longer than 1 year and still does not have charity or society status, the organization is likely not a genuine rescue organization. 

To view Little Mutts Rescue Society's charity papers, click here

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