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Amy Gowertz - Sunday, March 01, 2020
It was a year January 19th that we adopted Jakey who was Tadpole (also now known as Mr. Sweet Face, Mister Man, Little Boy, Buddy).

When I first brought him home he was so scared and skittish of everything from the dishwasher changing cycles, taking pots out of a cupboard, any loud noises and especially the winter weather and wind and rain.

He has come a long way, none of those things bother him anymore, but he still doesn't like wind and rain. He has no problem going outside in the cold now but it took some time. I used to have to walk him to get him to go to the bathroom. Now he goes straight outside and does his business.

Jakey was in desperate need of a dental cleaning and grooming which we arranged right away. Luckily he just needed his teeth cleaned (such bad breath and plaque covered teeth) and no extractions  were required. We now brush regularly to keep his pearly whites sparkling. He was also extremely under weight but has gained about 5 pounds which he needed.

Jakey knew absolutely no commands. We have since taught him to sit, lay down, shake a paw and the other paw and are still working on other tricks. He has such a happy personality. He is ALWAYS happy and his tail is wagging constantly. He loves to cuddle up on your lap or beside you.

He is still a super picky eater. I think he was used to canned food (thus the reason he doesn't like harder foods and is so picky and had such bad teeth). We have found a couple dog foods he likes from the Pet store with pumpkin (which he loves). He doesn't like most home-made treats from the pet store and hard bones. I have never seen that before with all the dogs I've owned. He does like people food which he gets from time to time. I found a pumpkin/oatmeal recipe online for cookies so he's happy with those and one or two treats that are softer from the Pet store.

He LOVES to go for walks. As soon as the leash comes out he gets so excited. We're trying to work on that to calm him before we leave. He bites his leash at first because he's so happy to go for walks. He is skittish around big dogs we meet, but still has come a long way. He likes the car now where before he would just shake and whine. He loves to play fetch with his many toys. A really funny quirk he has is he has to have his paws crossed when laying down. Such a little Gentleman. hahaha

My sister also adopted a dog from Little Mutts prior to us adopting Jakey. Jakey wants to play with (Mia) her but she is not a playful type of dog and can get snappy with him (again, who knows that they came from), so they just sort of ignore each other, but walk together well when we meet up for walks. I think he would love a puppy or small playful dog to play with. He loves kids and is fine with cats when I had him over to my friend's place who has two. They sat by side with no problems.

We are so happy we adopted him. It has taken patience and kindness to get him to where he is now, one wonders what they came from and I wish he could talk for even a half hour to get his little story out of what he came from.

Thanks for your service and so happy I kept searching for the perfect dog for us and feel we found him.

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